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RāViewz: Music | Feb 2021

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Here's what Rawiri is jamming to this month...

ZAYN - Vibez

Hard to believe that Zayn Malik has now been a solo artist longer than a member of a certain boy band, but hey, time flies when you're having fun, and never has that been more apparent than on Vibez.

This Chahayed-produced track from his latest Nobody Is Listening album has Zayn in full R&B mode and he's all the better for it. "Baby, this far from mediocre," he declares, "you know the vibes, know the vibes..."

Understated, uptempo and universally appealing, Zayn's latest release will have you heading in one direction - the MF D-Floor.


Jazmine Sullivan ft. H.E.R. - Girl Like Me

It's been quite some time since we copped a true R&B female duet to fawn over but its safe to say Jazmine and H.E.R. have delivered the goods.

Shattered by a no-answers-given break up, Jazmine wistfully asks questions about her body, his motives and about love in general (Tinder included) while H.E.R. provides some much-needed emotional support.

It's not the most immediate song either artist has released lately but then, you also can't listen to these two uber-vocalists intertwine without immediately being impressed.


Mac Ayres - Where U Goin' Tonight?

The latest single release from January's Magic 8Ball album, this multi-talented Cali native is in full groove mode with Where U Goin' Tonight?

There's neo soul and funk references in the foundation of that bassline and his vocal work sells the easy charm of the song effortlessly.

A perfect midday pop/soul pick-me-up, if you need it.


Pink Sweat$ ft. Kehlani - At My Worst

After dropping last year's The Prelude EP, Pink Sweat$ opens up the new year with (another) new edit of At My Worst, and it's his biggest collabo yet!

Kehlani is a singer who knows how to duet with male voices, and here, the two smartly play it straight, opting for warm, clear vocal lines in favour of giddy histrionics.

"I need somebody who can love me at my worst/ No, I'm not perfect but I hope you see my worth," they sing, stamping out an early contender for bouncy self-empowerment anthems in 2021.


Simeon - 8

Sweden is known on the world stage for garish pop music but those initiated in the realms of R&B and hip-hop have known since the 90s that Scandinavia's got soul, and the proof lies in artists like Simeon.

If Craig David took ol' school garage vibes, married them to 2021 beats, and delivered the lyrics in Swedish, than this is exactly how I imagine it would sound.

His voice is both discerning and delicate, and with only two-and-a-half minutes to get on board, you'll be hitting that repeat button, for sure.


Ariana Grande ft. Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion - 34+35 Remix

Ari's never been one to shy away from innuendo and 2021 is not the year to change up the formula. On this, her latest track, she begs her male suitor to do some bedroom math while she serenades along the harmony line.

Blatantly and brilliantly, two of 2020's biggest rappers Megan and Doja add some heft to proceedings, balancing out the overt sweetness of Miss. Grande's vocal stems.

You can't argue with a hit, and with this remix, all 3 women have another smash on their perfectly-manicured hands.


Check out all of this month's tracks on the RāViewz Spotify playlist!

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