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Sexy Digital Glow Up

If you don't love me at my Bandzoogle, you don't deserve me at my Wix.

Back in September 2019 when I launched the 1.0 version of, I was seriously frustrated by the whole concept of websites. I'd forked out a decent wad of cash to a digital company to complete a list of tasks for me. Some turned out good (they put together the Lost Boy album and Bottle Down and Trip the Alarm single covers). Some did not turn out good.

The initial drafts of the novel photography, par example, weren't great. Eventually I found someone with serious expertise in the area and went with her (still love the book cover, by the way).

The magazine I asked them to compile was even worse. It was so problematic, and the communication between us so difficult, that I estimated a loss of about 25% of my hair during the months it had taken them to deliver.

But chief amongst the worst parts of delivery, was the website. I thought they were experts, I really did. I'm not a fan of learning new skills unless I really have to, and a website seemed like a straightforward piece of work to outsource. It wasn't. And I couldn't deal with it any longer. I cut my losses and used a company that had a very (very) basic aesthetic so that I could do it myself.

And just like 2020's pandemic home haircuts taught us, people are paid professionally to do these things for a reason.

It was serviceable... by 2003 standards. It was also pretty ugly. Clunky. It had no e-commerce and even Spotify widgets weren't easy to load. Yuck.

And so, during last year's furlough situation, I asked a friend of mine to help me glow up my website.

For those who bore witness during those awkward growing years, I apologise. I hope your eyes have recovered. What we have now is a much cleaner, much more grown up look. It's still run and edited by me, who isn't too flash on the technology, so no doubt there will be the odd error here and there. Feel free to use the Contact Form to give me the heads up.

Thanks for stopping by, San Diego. I'm excited you're here.


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